Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid team had 'the fastest counterattack in the world'

  • Kobe Tong
Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristia

Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid might be one of the most underrated sides of the modern era.

In truth, it was one of the last times we've seen the 'Special One' work his magic at a top club, having flattered to deceive at both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in recent years.

That being said, give or take the Copa del Rey success, his first season at the Bernabeu was a little disappointing and arguments seemed to erupt left, right and centre during his final campaign.

But even if you're harsh enough to write off the 2010/11 and 2012/13 terms, there can be no denying that Mourinho instigated a masterclass, as he tends to do, during his second season.

Just last week, we highlighted how that Los Blancos side, which racked up 100 points and scored a record-breaking 121 goals, have been so criminally unregarded.

Mourinho's Real Madrid

But just in case the statistics didn't enforce that point enough, perhaps footage of how Mourinho had his Real team playing will help to change how they're being viewed in hindsight.

It's easy to think that every team under Mourinho's management played the same boring defensive football that ground out sleep-inducing victories and an avalanche of clean sheets.

And while, yes, that is Mourinho's modus operandi for the most part, even the stubborn Portuguese couldn't help changing things up when he had players like Cristiano Ronaldo at his disposal.

Real Madrid's goalkeeper and captain Ike

World's fastest counterattack

The quality of the squad was such that he could breed a more attacking brand of football, so much so that they are statistically the best offensive team in the history of Europe's top five leagues.

And key to this succeeding was the use of the counterattack, which was highlighted in a viral video by YouTuber Djamel Mehdaoui just a few weeks after Mourinho swapped Real for Chelsea.

If you've never seen it before during your YouTube procrastinations, it has over six million views and is titled: "Real Madrid Mourinho - The Fastest Counter Attack In The World."

We just know that title has tickled your web cursor, so check out the full seven-minute montage below to appreciate the full ferocity of Real's counterattacks under Mourinho:

Sheesh, it's like watching a tennis match. 

With so many rapid forwards in the team, no more so than Ronaldo, Real could go stride to stride with any defenders that had stayed back from set-pieces or heavy-loaded attacks.

At least three attackers would flood the final third in order to give the player in possession options and that would often result in the ball being squared for a simple tap-in.

You could even argue that defenders such as Sergio Ramos were always primed for a quick transition from one end of the pitch to other, firing long balls from within the confines of his own penalty area. 


But whatever Mourinho was coaching them, the footage shows that it worked time and time again.

No matter how the opposition would try and stop it, Real were able to execute it with such an unerring pace that there was never any time from them to prevent it. Speed kills, as they say.

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