Mike Tyson once broke Steve-O's nose during 'Roast of Charlie Sheen' in 2011

  • Tom Kelly
Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen - Show

Mike Tyson has certainly broken a few noses and caused the odd black eye or two during his career as one of the most feared boxers on the planet.

However, on this occasion, doing the things previously mentioned probably wasn't his fault this time around. 

Back in 2011, Mike Tyson and famed Jackass star Steve-O stole the show at Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen. 

Steve-O, who was encouraged and jeered on by Sheen and others, took a long run-up before voluntarily leaping at Mike Tyson's tensed fist. You know, the usual stuff really. 

Following this, the adrenaline-rushed Jackass star broke his nose as he turned to the Comedy Central's cameras with a crooked face and blood pouring out.

During an interview with Mpora.com, he said: "I was begging him: 'Mike, I'm not asking you to punch me. Just hold your fist still with your elbow locked, and I'll dive into it with my face'.

"But the timing wasn't right, until we were on the Charlie Sheen roast. And that's when I dove into Mike Tyson's fist.

"I broke the hell out of my nose.

"Right away blood's all coming out of it, it was the last thing that happened at the roast, and this guy comes up to the stage and he says: 'Steve-O, your nose needs to be set right now. I'm a Kung Fu instructor - I've set like twenty broken noses'."

Nevertheless, this is a man who's stepped on jellyfish, snorted wasabi and has had his bum pierced, so in the grand scheme of things - this is just a usual day for Steve-O. 

However, one thing to consider is that Iron Mike had 44 fights which resulted in a knockout during his career, does this mean we can now increase that figure to 45?

Just asking for a friend as we are sure Tyson would love to know. 

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