WWE news: Massive 81% of fans think WrestleMania 36 should be cancelled

WWE fans want to see WrestleMania called off

WrestleMania 36 takes place this weekend and due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, it's going to be one of the most unique WWE events in history.

For the first time ever, the Showcase of the Immortals will air over two nights on Saturday and Sunday.

It has also been pre-taped (for the first time ever) at the Performance Center and other closed sets, so there will be no audience in attendance. 

This year, WrestleMania is certainly going to be... different. But in the eyes of many fans, it's also lost a lot of appeal.

Now, this is supposed to be the most exciting wrestling event of the year, but there seems to be very little hype around it with just 72 hours to go. 

In fact, an overwhelming majority think WrestleMania should just be called off. 

We took to GiveMeSport's Facebook page to get the opinions of WWE fans and a whopping 81% of 45,700 fans voted 'Yes' when asked 'Should WrestleMania 36 be cancelled this weekend?'

Only 19% think the show should go on. 

There will be no live crowd at WrestleMania

But the only man that can call it off at this point is Vince McMahon and as it stands, WrestleMania is going ahead as planned.

Think the only issues will be no live crowd and pre-recorded matches? Think again.

Roman Reigns, arguably WWE's top superstar, has already pulled out of the show. He doesn't want to risk his health amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Reigns has already pulled out of WrestleMania

That means someone else is going to be inserted into the Universal Championship match against Goldberg - and we'll find out for sure who that is on SmackDown. 

The United States Champion, Andrade, is also out of WrestleMania. He's recovering from a rib injury.  

Andrade will miss WrestleMania

It's also reported that two other superstars - Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio - have been kept away from WrestleMania tapings after showing symptoms of COVID - 19. 

Both were expected to be involved in some capacity before going into self-isolation. 

So, it's far from an ideal situation. Perhaps Vince should listen to fans and call WrestleMania off?

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