UFC news: Bob Arum slams Dana White for going ahead with UFC 249 despite coronavirus pandemic

“He ought to be ashamed,” stated Top Rank promoter Bob Arum when discussing the fact that Dana White is still promoting fights during the coronavirus pandemic.

White is persistent that UFC’s next big event scheduled for later this month will still go ahead.

Arum believes that we all have a role to play during this pandemic and Arum is doing his bit by postponing all the remaining fights this year involving his fighters, stating that they will happen when they happen and once it is safe for them to do so.

Telling CBS Sports: “When this thing looks like it’s clearing up, we will start making plans.”

Referring to these comments, it isn’t at all surprising that Arum is far from impressed with White’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic. White has refused to cancel UFC 249 even though the U.S. government have put in place strict self-quarantine guidelines and large gatherings have been banned.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is meant to be fighting in the cards main event, could also be possibly stuck in his homeland Russia.

“What’s going on in this country and the world with this virus, the last thing we need is for an event to take place with no spectators just to get the event to take place.

But the truth is Dana White is somebody with a flawed intelligence

Shots fired.

Arum and White, of course, do have a history of trading insults with one another but with their respective promotions both signing long-term deals with ESPN, they have been forced to be more respectful to each other.

This, however, has not stopped Arum, who recently celebrated 54 years in boxing promoting, from predicting that White won’t be able to pull off his plan to keep UFC 249 going ahead.

“Let’s all be big people and big boys about it and stop the grandstanding.

“This will end when it ends, and it will end quicker if we all stick together and do what we are supposed to do, not go and shout from the rafters that, ‘I’m not a p—y and I’m going to put this fight on. I don’t care.’ That is absolutely the wrong message to send.”

No ‘pulling punches’ from the boxing promoter there.

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