UFC 249 news: Images compare the faces of Tony Ferguson's opponents and Khabib's opponent

As we all know by now, it looks like yet again Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson is going to be cancelled.

UFC 249 on April 18 may still go ahead if Dana White gets his way, but it will be going ahead without Khabib, who has confirmed he’s currently in Russia and due to the country being on lockdown and shutting their borders, there is no chance of him travelling for the event.

Ferguson himself may still fight on the pay-per-view, but for a remarkable fifth time, UFC fans won’t be getting the dream fight they’ve been waiting for.

When we say waiting for, we mean desperately waiting for as well. The UFC have been trying to book this fight for years now, but for one reason or another, it’s never got to fight night and it’s never actually took place.

Both fighters have suffered injuries in the past, some freak and some normal in the industry, whilst Khabib also once failed to make weight successfully, and was rushed to hospital during the weigh-in. Yes, we once got that close!

However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, another scheduled fight between the pair is having to be cancelled.

Once again UFC fans have been let down and left feeling disappointed that this fight won’t happen, and none more so than Ferguson supporters, who truly believe he can get the better of the Russian.

One fan of the American took to Reddit a few weeks back to post a picture of fighters’ faces after they’ve faced Khabib and after they’ve faced Ferguson.

You can see the picture in question below.

As you can see quite clearly, Ferguson usually sends his opponents home with a new face, one that is covered in their own blood and bruises/lumps.

As for Khabib, his opponent rarely look any different, and that’s mainly down to the fact he likes to tackle his opponents to the ground before submitting them, rather than Ferguson, who just likes to beat the hell out of his.

Maybe this picture proves that their different styles would have made for one hell of a fight at UFC 249.

Sadly, though, we shall never know as it’s just another date that will be remembered in the long-running saga of Khabib vs Ferguson.

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