Floyd Mayweather shows he is still ridiculously fit with intense gym routine on Instagram Live


Say what you want about Floyd, the man is an incredible athlete.

His intense gym routine shows he is extremely fit at 43, questioning if a return to the boxing ring is on the cards.

The ‘Money’ announced his retirement after making it 50 straight wins in his stellar career when he beat Conor McGregor back in 2017 – earning over £200m in the process.

A hefty sum of money which can make any athlete retire at any age.

However, rumours of a return to the sport never disappear for Floyd. His recent video of him working out in his gym has teased a possible switch in sports to UFC.

Mayweather had fuelled talks he would rematch McGregor and face UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov - claiming he wanted to fight them both in the same day.

Michael Benson posted a clip of the 43-year-old working out brutally during the coronavirus pandemic.

His routine began with some floor exercises, including press-ups before performing an insane skipping workout – a common exercise used in boxing training programmes.

Floyd showed exceptional speed with the ropes which were one of his biggest assets in the ring. But, the American switched to a bit of shadow boxing before getting on the machines shortly afterwards.

Many of his fans saw the video and expressed their satisfaction with his “hard work and dedication”, with one fan describing him as “dedicated professional, full respect”.

The question still remains as to whether or not Mayweather will come out of retirement and fight again. If a large sum of money was on the table to fight, he would certainly consider it.

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