Boxing fans are debating whether Mike Tyson is overrated

  • Alex Batt
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Love him or loathe him, Mike Tyson is one of the biggest names in heavyweight boxing history. Hell, he's one of the biggest names in all boxing history.

However, one Reddit user has recently started a debate about whether or not he should be classed as 'overrated'.

Yes, a brave user online posed the question in a boxing Reddit thread and wanted people's opinions on the matter.

Along with the thread title 'Is Mike Tyson overrated?', the user posted the following: "I have seen a lot of top heavyweights lists recently, and I cant help but think he is ranked way too high in some of them. Heck, some have even had him as second behind Ali.

"I mean, his two most notable wins where spinks and Holmes, but Larry was at the end of his career and was washed up, then of course he lost to Buster and Holyfield. What are you guys views on this situation?"

Now before we get into some of the responses to said question, it's worth remembering just how good Tyson was during his peak.

He became WBC champion in 1986 when he was just 20 years old. He then added belts to his collection in the years to come before eventually losing to Buster Douglas in 1990.

Once known as 'The Baddest Man on the Planet', Tyson was comfortably thought of as the hardest puncher in boxing, and he's still surely in the top three of that today.

When he came to retire, his professional record stood at 50 wins, six losses and two no contests. No doubt, he's a Hall of Fame boxer.

(FILES) A file picture taken 22 November

However, that brings us back to the question on whether he is deemed overrated.

Going back to the Reddit thread, which can be seen in full here, it seems that plenty actually agree with the statement.

One of the most popular responses can be seen in the photo below, that suggests although his resume is somewhat overrated, his influence on the sport simply is not.


A few comments went on to suggest that if you weren't afraid of Tyson and his overall aura, then you would find ways to beat him.

One user said: "His knockouts are great, but when he faced someone who got no fear of him and can withstand his burst of fury, he folded. His speed and power is top notch. His adaptability is what lacking from my observation."

Another agreed with that statement by posting: "In fairness, the aura around him was unreal... the media made him out to be what he started to believe. But as someone already pointed out... once you weren't afraid of him and willing to trade, he started to buckle... not because he was afraid... but couldn't adapt."

And it seemed that that was the common thread in the comment section, if you challenged Tyson and went for him, he simply couldn't adapt.

Mike Tyson, who is scheduled to be released from p

One user added: "I vividly recall watching Mike early in his career. He was absolutely the most vicious fighter I had seen at the time and I had been watching boxing since the mid 60s. He was reminiscent of a young George Forman.

"However, Mike lacked heart. If he got in trouble he could never dig deep and overcome adversity. Once Buster messed him up psychologically, he was never the same."

Some more interesting replies can be seen in the screenshots provided below.

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Plenty more responses were posted to the question, but it does certainly get you thinking.

Was Mike Tyson overrated?

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