Carlos Tevez tells footballers to take pay cuts to combat coronavirus pandemic

There’s a serious debate plaguing football at the minute concerning player wages.

With the coronavirus pandemic currently financially crippling institutions in all walks of like, the wealthiest amongst us are being asked to take pay cuts in order to help the less fortunate.

The same concept is being discussed in football. Why should the millionaire players at certain clubs not see their wages reduced in order to help other staff during these tough times?

Heath Secretary Matt Hancock called on Premier League footballers to step up and play their part last night, with the PFA accepting that players must be accommodating during the Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s a tricky situation, to say the least. The likes of Newcastle and Tottenham are attracting criticism for not reducing player wages and simply putting non-playing staff on furlough, taking advantage of a government scheme.

But Carlos Tevez has stepped up and acted as the voice of reason in response to the ongoing issue, stating that footballers must bite the bullet and accept they can easily support themselves through the pandemic.

“A footballer can live six months or a year without receiving [wages],” the ex-Manchester United striker said on America TV in Argentina, per beIN Sports.

“We are not in the same despair as those who live with kids every day, who have to leave their house at six in the morning and return at seven in the evening to feed the family.

“We are not an example in this case; yes in other things. We have to be there and help. It is easy for me to speak from home, knowing that I have food for my children.

“But desperate people, who cannot move and cannot leave the house. That is worrying.”

Well said, Carlos. At the end of the day, most professional footballers will have accrued more than enough money to see themselves through this pandemic comfortably.

While it’s not an ideal situation for anyone, it’s certainly a far better one for some than for those who struggle financially during normal life.

Football will be there to lift morale once this is all over and as a pillar of society, it also has several key roles to play in helping us all emerge out the other side of the coronavirus crisis.

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