GMS' Hall of Game: Remembering the original Crash Bandicoot

Today, GiveMeSport takes a trip back to 1995, where Sony had just released their iconic console known as the PlayStation.

They had launched an impressive series of games for their home console with the likes of ‘Battle Arena Toshinden’ and ‘Ridge Racer’.

Where they lagged behind their rivals was having a memorable character. Nintendo after all had ‘Mario’ and SEGA had ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

This was altered in September 1996, however, thanks to the studio of Naughty Dog that was founded by creators Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin.

They were the key men who were responsible for the creation of a 3D single-player platformer title called ‘Crash Bandicoot’.

Set somewhere in South Australia, the evil scientist Dr.Neo Cortex is trying to create an army of super animals.

This results in the creation of Crash, who is suppose to be Cortex’s general of his all-conquering army.

The brainwashing, however, does not go according to plan and a subsequent falling out between the pair leads to Crash being cast aside.

Marooned on the island of N’Sanity is where the story begins, and with the help of a talking mask called Aku Aku, the objective is stopping Cortex and his minions’ evil plans, while also rescuing his girlfriend Tawna.

This game proved an instant hit and showcased the PlayStation’s impressive graphics and incorporated challenging boss fights that included going up against the likes of a hyperactive kangaroo known as ‘Killer Roo’, a mad scientific genius that went by the name of ‘Dr.Nitrus Brio’ and of course ‘Dr.Neo Cortex’ himself.

Following a successful first outing, the first ‘Crash Bandicoot’ turned out to be just the start of an amazingly successful franchise that went on to launch a number of follow up titles as well as spin offs such as ‘Crash Team Racing’.

The franchise would then also branch out and move on to other well established video consoles. Ultimately, ‘Crash Bandicoot’ proved a vital part of Sony’s success story, fulfilling the role of a mascot at the time where they were just establishing themselves and finding their feet in the ultra competitive gaming market.

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