Boxing world remains divided over prime Mike Tyson vs prime Muhammad Ali prediction

The boxing world have been long divided over one big question: “Who would win, a prime Mike Tyson or a prime Muhammad Ali?”

Both of them have legendary boxing status after hugely successful careers, but supporters have been long divided over who would come out on top.

Ali is regarded as the greatest boxer of all-time by boxing commentators and historians, having suffered defeat just five times across 61 fights.

Of his 56 wins, 37 classify as knockout victories.

Mike Tyson, meanwhile, had a 20-year career during which he won 44 of his 50 fights by knockout.

Aged just 20 years and four months, Tyson became the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title.

The question has divided supporters of the sport for years and now BT Sport has asked some of the ring’s more recent figures to make their claims over who would come out on top.

Frank Bruno said: “I’ve got to go for Muhammad Ali but Mike Tyson at his prime, when he was about 21, he was a very, very dangerous human being.

“But I would never bet against Muhammad Ali because he was the Godfather. He opened a lot of doors for a lot of people. A very genuine human being and a very, very special man so I would go for Muhammad Ali.

“If you talk to Mike Tyson I think he would say Muhammad Ali as well.”

Amir Khan added: “Muhammad Ali obviously. Mike Tyson is a good friend of mine, he’s one of my heroes as well, but Muhammad Ali was something special. No one’s touching him.”

Deontay Wilder, however, bucked the trend. He said: “I may have Mike [Tyson] knocking [Muhammad] Ali out!”

Anthony Yard also supported Tyson, saying: “I believe, in their primes, Mike Tyson would have won.

“The only reason I believe that is the people who had beat Muhammed Ali and struggled with, Tyson was that style.”

While the majority put their support behind Ali, Tyson Fury was undecided.

He said: “I don’t like matching fighters from different eras so I can’t answer that – they were both champions of their time.”

Supporting Ali, Carl Frampton said: “Ali. Tyson was a quality fighter but Ali would have found a way.”

Self-professed ‘massive Tyson fan’ Nathan Gorman even threw his support behind Ali, stating: “I would go for Muhammad Ali because did Mike Tyson fight the George Foreman’s, the Joe Fraser’s, those type of calibres?

“He didn’t did he so I think Muhammad Ali is a different breed, different type of fighter.”

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