Steven Gerrard has been named a better player than Frank Lampard by fans

  • Kobe Tong
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Steven Gerrard has been voted as a better player than Frank Lampard by football fans.

It's one of the biggest debates in English football and with live sport grinding to a halt amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to reopen the conversation here at GIVEMESPORT.

We've been running daily Facebook polls in order to give supporters the final say on some of the beautiful game's biggest questions and yesterday's was one of the most fiercely contested.

Anyone who has ever attended a Chelsea or Liverpool fixture over the last 15 years will have heard chants that are critical of the other side's own talismanic midfielder.

Perhaps the most famous examples goes as follows: "Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, he'll pass the ball 40 yards, he's better than Frank Lampard, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard."

Gerrard voted over Lampard

And while, yes, that anthem has largely been reserved for the four sides of Anfield since the turn of the century, our latest vote would suggest that the penultimate lyric is actually accurate.

Over 300,000 supporters took part in the poll with the final result awarding Gerrard 55% of the vote, while Lampard narrowly missed out with a segment of 45%.

To show how close that really is, Lampard still earned the backing of 137,790 fans and only needed 30,620 more clicks to draw level with his former England teammate.

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard (R) vies for

Gerrard vs Lampard vs Scholes

Clearly fans were more in favour of mind-blowing diagonal passes and inspirational leadership than late runs into the penalty area and the goal-scoring record of a striker.

And now that Gerrard has overthrown Lampard in the eyes of football fans, perhaps it's time to flesh out the debate in the only way that's fit and proper: adding Paul Scholes into the equation.

That's right, the argument feels a little naked for the absence of Scholes, but forgive us for being restrained to Facebook's 50:50 format when it comes to votes.

England were absolutely blessed with midfield talent during the 'Golden Generation' and it seems as though every Gerrard vs Lampard vs Scholes vote winds up with a different answer. 


But as far as our's is concerned, perhaps it's time to treat Gerrard's victory as a semi-final and line him up against Scholes - a classic Manchester United vs Liverpool, if you like - for all of the glory.

If that was the case, who would your money be on...?

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