Alan Shearer and Ian Wright rank the Premier League's 10 greatest goalkeepers

There have been some brilliant goalkeepers in the Premier League over the past 28 years.

Peter Schmeichel, David Seaman and Petr Cech are some of the world-class stoppers to have plied their trade in England’s top tier.

But who was the best of the best?

That was a topic debated by Alan Shearer and Ian Wright on the latest Match of the Day podcast.

Hosted by Gary Lineker, Shearer and Wright both listed their top 10 goalkeepers of the Premier League era.

Alan Shearer’s top 10:

10. Alisson Becker

9. David James

8. Shay Given

7. Jens Lehmann

6. David De Gea

5. Ederson

4. Edwin Van der Sar

3. Petr Cech

2. David Seaman

1. Peter Schmeichel

This is a pretty decent list from Shearer.

Alisson is a tremendous goalkeeper, perhaps one of the best in the world at the moment, but he hasn’t even been at Liverpool for two years yet.

Due to his lack of longevity I agree he should be in 10th.

I personally don’t agree with Ederson being so high up. Again, he’s a brilliant goalkeeper, but the fact he’s only been at Man City for three years isn’t enough to be up with the greatest goalkeepers.

I’d bump Ederson up to ninth and move Lehmann up to fifth, who helped Arsenal to an invincible campaign in the 2003/04 season.

You could argue a case for any of the top four to be top of this list. Personally, I’d swap Cech and Seaman, with the former producing some incredible performances for Chelsea.

Ian Wright’s top 10:

10. Shay Given

9. David James

8. Jens Lehmann

7. David De Gea

6. Alisson Becker

5. Ederson

4. Petr Cech

3. Edwin van der Sar

2. David Seaman

1. Peter Schmeichel

I think Shearer’s list is a little better than Wright’s.

As already mentioned, Alisson and Ederson are well too high.

De Gea is in a bad patch for Man United at the moment. But, there was a time where he was comfortably the best player in the world and therefore he deserves to be higher than seventh.

Cech may have struggled at Arsenal but he was immense at Chelsea.

Manchester United’s struggle to replace Schmeichel after he left in 1999 shows just how good he was.

So without further ado, here’s my top 10 of greatest Premier League goalkeepers…

10. Alisson Becker

9. Ederson

8. Shay Given

7. David James

6. Jens Lehmann

5. David De Gea

4. Edwin van der Sar

3. David Seaman

2. Petr Cech

1. Peter Schmeichel

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