David Beckham shaves his head to join isolation trend

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While in isolation for the foreseeable future, we might be trying things we’ve always wanted to do but just don’t have time in our normal lives.

Whether that’s baking cakes, catching up on a Netflix series or learning new skills, most people now have more time on their hands.

And due to the fact we’re not allowed to leave the house unless it’s essential, we’re probably not caring too much about our appearance.

You’ve probably been lounging around in your ‘comfies’. Those of you that usually wear make-up probably haven’t bothered, while those of you that have the ability to grow facial hair, probably haven’t got around to shaving.

Meanwhile, most of us will be growing our hair awfully long due to the fact hairdressers are closed.

However, some are using this time to experiment with shaving their hair off. Most wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing with the fear of it not suiting them. But now is the perfect time.

And one person that has joined that isolation trend is the beautiful David Beckham.

Inter Miami CF Media Availability & Training Session

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder is one of the best-looking men to have ever played football and is renowned for his hairstyles down the years.

We’ve had long hair, short hair, mohawk, highlights, headbands, cornrows, man bun and pretty much everything in between.

But now, he’s shaved it all off again.

Real Madrid's Briton David Beckham gestu

Beckham took to Instagram to reveal an image of him with a shaved head as he wrote: “Just had to be done #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong GOODNIGHT 🌙”


It’s like 2004 all over again!

But there’s a warning for us all here. We won't all look as good as Beckham if we were to shave off our hair.

So don’t be tempted to do it yourself if you think that’s how you’ll look afterwards…

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