Son asks his dad for a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut - gets a Ronaldo 2002 haircut

While we’re stuck in isolation, many of us are left dealing with some pretty unprecedented problems.

Many of them are trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Like not being able to go to the gym. Not being able to go shopping with someone else. And not being able to get your haircut.

That last problem means many of us have resorted to just shaving off our hair to combat the issue of needing it cut.

As we’re not seeing anyone outside of our household, it doesn’t really matter how bad it looks.

But relying on a family member to give us a haircut is brave – as one young football fan found out.

He asked his dad if he could get a haircut similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

“Like Ronaldo’s,” the kid asked.

He really didn’t need to specify considering he showed his dad a picture of the Juventus star.

“So you want it like Ronaldo’s?” his dad doubled-checked.

The video then cuts to the boy running to the mirror in the bathroom in despair to look at his new hairstyle.

His father had shaved his entire head apart from the front bit – a la Brazilian Ronaldo in 2002.

As the little boy calls his dad a d***head, the mischievous father tells him that “there’s only one Ronaldo” showing him a picture of the Brazilian legend.


Was it staged? Quite possibly.

But it’s funny all the same.

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