WrestleMania: Undertaker vs AJ Styles 'Boneyard Match' was straight out of a video game

It was an incredible WrestleMania main event

The main event of WrestleMania 36 saw The Undertaker and AJ Styles battle in a 'Boneyard Match'. 

It was a modern spin on the classic 'Buried Alive' bout - a stipulation The Deadman is very familiar with. 

Fitting in the theme of WrestleMania 36, this was a very strange encounter. In fact, it was like something out of a video game. 

AJ arrived at the location in a herse, mocking the Undertaker's entrance, before coming face to face with the American Badass himself. 

The pair brawled for a few minutes and 'Taker put his opponent into the grave - but was distracted by Gallows and Anderson, allowing AJ to recover. 

After fighting back, The Phenomenal One then forced The Deadman himself into the grave, but as he tried to bury him, was attacked from behind. Still with us? Because it gets crazier.   

The Deadman got the upper hand again as his opponent cowered onto the tin roof of a house, which ended up on fire, leading to Styles being choke slammed off of it! 

One final boot to the face sent AJ back into the grave, and this time 'Taker was able to bury him six feet under. 

AJ Styles was buried

It was all utterly bonkers. Think Matt Hardy's Ultimate Deletion, but on a bigger scale. 

What a perfect way to headline the most unique WrestleMania we've ever seen.

Check out some highlights from the match below: 

After a brilliant ending to the first night of WrestleMania, we can't wait for night two tomorrow.   

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