Burnley will 'run out of money by August' if the Premier League doesn't return soon

It’s an uncertain time for football clubs around the world.

Football is suspended in almost every country across the globe, with football clubs missing out on huge amounts of money as a result.

Every team is hurting at the moment, including even those in the Premier League.

Burnley are one of the best run clubs in England’s top tier.

They have managed to become an established Premier League club without spending ridiculous amounts of money on players.

But their future could be in jeopardy due to the coronavirus.

That’s because Burnley chairman Mike Garlick has revealed that the club will ‘run out of money’ by August if the situation does not improve.

He said, per the Sun: “The fact of the matter is, if we don’t finish the season and there isn’t a clear start date for next season, we, as a club, will run out of money by August. That is a fact.

“I can’t speak for other clubs, I don’t know their financial positions.

“All I can speak for us our club and our position.

“That’s why we’re very determined that when of course it is safe to do so, we really want to finish this season.”

That’s worrying indeed. The fact that Burnley, one of the best run clubs in England, could run out of money and go bust in a few months just goes to show how football clubs are struggling in these unprecedented times.

A statement on the club’s website went into detail in how much money they are losing.

Burnley revealed they are due to lose £5 million in lost revenue from the remaining home games.

In addition, it is believed they will miss out on cash payments from the Premier League of up to £45 million in broadcasting revenue.

But they claim they are not the most worse off as other clubs are set for a shortfall of £100m.

Let’s hope the coronavirus epidemic will pass as soon as possible and football clubs are able to emerge from this unscathed.

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