WrestleMania: Matt Hardy tweets about WWE's Boneyard Match between Undertaker and AJ Styles

While this may be the weirdest WrestleMania we ever experience, what’s even weirder is that the match of the night might not have even taken place in the ring.

The ‘Boneyard Match’ stole the show last night, with it being nothing short of a masterpiece, seriously.

The ‘cinematic match’ takes inspiration from Matt Hardy’s ‘Final Deletion’ match against his brother back in their TNA days.

Hardy, who is no longer with WWE after signing for AEW, simply had to take to Twitter to tweet about the match, after claiming his Twitter exploded.

“Thanks for all the love, folks.. I’m truly honoured. Cinematic matches 100% work with the right characters, scenario & fanbase – I envisioned them as a new branch of pro wrestling years ago.”

‘The Final Deletion’ back in 2016 was a wrestling experience that left WWE fans clamouring for the return of the Hardy Boys, especially with Matt’s ‘Broken’ character, which became one of wrestling’s hottest personas at the time.

The WWE fans eventually got their wish when the Hardy’s returned at WrestleMania 33, to fill in the final spot in the ladder match for the Raw tag team titles. However, the Hardy’s appeared like we’d last seen them before their departures from WWE, with no sign of the ‘Broken Universe’ anywhere, apart from a few ‘delete’ gestures.

Eventually we were graced with Matt Hardy’s eccentric character, under the new alias ‘Woken’
Matt Hardy. At first it was brilliant and refreshing to see in the WWE. However, injuries haunted Matt during his latest run with WWE, which his ‘Woken’ persona was really affected by.

As you can see from the replies, the WWE Universe are a bit mixed on Hardy’s tweet. Some are praising him, whilst some are telling him it’s got nothing to do with him and his influence.

Safe to say he’s caused quite the stir anyway, no matter whether you agree with him or not.

That doesn’t mean ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy didn’t have any standout moments, though.

His feud with Bray Wyatt was weird and wonderful, with the feud culminating in March 2018 in a cinematic match at the ‘Hardy Compound.’ The ‘Ultimate Deletion’ was wacky and amazing, with Wyatt being thrown in a lake at the end of the match.

Hardy ended his tweet by saying: “Much like TLC did, the #BROKEN Universe will leave its mark.” Which he has every right to say, the ‘Final Deletion’ from back in 2016 has inspired a number of matches like it since across the wrestling world, including the WWE, with the ‘House of Horrors’ match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt taking place in 2017, but the less said about that the better.

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