WrestleMania: Ranking every match from Night 1 of 'Mania 36

Night 1 of WrestleMania 36 was always going to be weird; ‘Mania behind closed doors just doesn’t feel right, although respect must be given to those involved as they continue to work through these worrying times.

Night 1 of ‘Mania 36, however, did follow the recurring theme of recent ‘Mania’s in the fact that the matches were up and down in quality.

So, without further ado, we thought we would rank every match that took place last night, and rank them from ‘Not worthy’ to ‘WrestleMania worthy.’

It’s important to stress this is just an opinion, and, of course, you are allowed to have your own, so feel free to let us know what your thoughts were of every match that took place on Day 1. 

Not Worthy

Goldberg vs Braun Strowman – What a weird year Strowman has had, from taking on the ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia, to winning the Universal title last night from Goldberg.

This was never going to go long, as we have grown to expect from a modern-day Goldberg match. A squash match, of course, was expected, but perhaps not the result.

Whilst the match may have been limited in the moves department, at least Braun was the correct choice to replace Roman Reigns in this match.

The overall decision was right, but the execution and the match itself was not ‘Mania worthy.

Elias vs Baron Corbin – The feud between these two superstars has been quite the watch on Friday Night Smackdown over the last couple of a weeks, so it was a shame to see such a lacklustre finish to the match, with Elias securing the win via roll-up.

It was good to see Elias, however, as at first it seemed Corbin was going to be awarded the match by default after his attack the previous night, which left fans not expecting to see Elias at Mania.

Most fans would have said this wasn’t WrestleMania beforehand, and they are probably still saying that now.

Pre-show worthy

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Kabuki Warriors – The first match of WrestleMania 36’s main card, and the match was all in favour of the Kabuki Warriors until a hot tag which brought Nikki Cross into the fray.

There was a couple of close calls for both teams in the match, with a slightly slow count from the referee making up time for Kairi Sane to break up a pin on her partner Asuka with her finishing move the ‘Insane Elbow.’ 

A good match and the right outcome, but it probably belongs more on a pre-show than the main card.

Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn – We miss the old Sami Zayn, a lot. Had this been NXT Sami Zayn taking on Daniel Bryan, we have no doubts that it would’ve been a contender for match of the night and an instant classic.

The match was filled, however, with shenanigans from outside of the ring, which led to Zayn picking up the win, meh.

A match that could have been a classic, which simply disappointed.

Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler – A disappointing match considering the heated and brutal build-up. And to finish it in that fashion? Not the best at all.

Baszler didn’t offer enough attack, and the finish came out of nowhere really. 

PPV worthy

John Morrison vs Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston – A weird concept at first glance, the SmackDown tag team titles up for grabs in a Triple Threat match, but with only one member of each respective team.

Obviously with the current circumstances it was more than understandable why this had to be done.

The match did deliver all the action you would expect from a ladder match, however, and Morrison was a deserved winner, putting in an MVP performance.

VERY close to being ‘Mania worthy, but it just misses out on the top spot. Still, comfortably in the top three for matches of the night.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens – A stellar performance from both men which had all the makings of a ‘Mania-worthy match, but would it look out of place and shine in any other PPV?

The match has been built up after weeks of back and forth action between the two. It was highlighted before the match how many ‘WrestleMania moments’ that Rollins has had, and that Kevin Owens has perhaps been very deprived of such moments.

Rollins looked to escape the match when it started to go Owens’ way by getting himself disqualified, however, Owens demanded the action continued through a ‘No-DQ’ match, which really brought the match to life.

Owens then claimed his ‘WrestleMania moment’ by diving off the ‘Mania sign and crashing through Rollins, putting the pair through the commentator’s desk.

Similar to the ladder match, VERY close to being ‘Mania worthy, but it sits in the second tier. Easily second best match of the night, though.

‘Mania worthy

AJ Styles vs Undertaker – Night 1’s main event was nothing short of spectacular. A cinematic masterpiece that is Oscar worthy.

The match is rightly being called the most “bada**” match that fans have ever seen.

The cinematic match featured a lot of back and forth action which all culminated with Undertaker burying AJ Styles alive before riding away to close off night 1.

That is how you do a ‘Mania moment, and that is what we call a WrestleMania worthy match!

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