FIFA players are naming the best Ultimate Team card they have ever used

Ultimate Team has been and is still a massive part of FIFA.

The game mode, which was introduced in FIFA 09, gives players the ability to assemble a team comprising of almost any professional footballer in the world.

Players of the game can then buy these footballers on the market or pack them using real life money.

There have been multiple fan-favourites in the past 11 years. 

Victor Ibarbo, Alexander Esswein and Seydou Doumbia didn’t have the greatest of careers, but they were legends to many on FIFA and helped players win game after game.

But there are many, many more names.

The Twitter account FutbolBible asked it’s followers: ‘Who is the best card you’ve ever used in any FIFA Ultimate Team?’

There are over 400 comments at the time of writing and football fans have been naming some crackers.

View a selection of those named below:

@Gerar_Portillo – Son Heung-min (FIFA 18 – Player of the Month card)

Look at how outrageous this card is. Four stats over 90, physicality in the 80s… 

He was lethal, regardless of whether you stuck him at LW, LF or even put him at ST on seven chemistry.

@IamAliGamer – Victor Ibarbo (FIFA 14)

‘The man, the myth, the legend.’ How those stats equated to just a 77-rated player is unbelievable. He played like a 90-rated player in-game.

@ZitoYZY – Antonio Di Natale (FIFA 14 – In form)

A rare shout, but if you had enough coins and were lucky enough to own him, he must have been a beast.

@colourofbrown – Alexander Esswein (FIFA 13)

Cheap as chips and unreal. What a player.

@maplepapi – Emmanuel Emenike (FIFA 13)

90 pace. Incredible strength. Pair him up front with Doumbia and it was guaranteed goals.

@WunderWober – Stephan El Shaarawy (FIFA 18 – special card)

Incredible pace, five star skills, could score from distance… this card had anything an attacking midfielder needed.

@Zigs2Ziggy – Romain Alessandrini (FIFA 18 – in form)

Look at those stats. Crazy. Four star skills and four star weak foot, as well.

The fact he was playing in MLS with LA Galaxy meant he was cheap and you could link him with any French players.

@ConorStagg – Peniel Mlapa (FIFA 14)

Conor has good taste. Mlapa is one of my favourite cards of all-time too.

The German is 6 foot 4 and had 84 pace in FIFA 14. Granted, his shooting was a bit suspect, but he was the definition of a beast.

@Nmnzbr – Gabriel Agbonlahor (FIFA 12)

In truth, you could have said any of his FIFA cards from FIFA 10 – FIFA 15. That pace was scary.

@Josesayss – Nilmar (FIFA 12) 

Another FIFA 12 legend.

@Ryandstorey – Adel Taarabt (FIFA 12)

The skills and dribbling was off the charts.

@nxte05 – Ahmed Musa (FIFA 17 – special card)

Musa was already a fan-favourite before he made the move to Leicester. Then FIFA decided to give him one of the most overpowered cards of all-time.

@SxrimN – Samuel Eto’o (FIFA 14)

Those stats are disgusting.

@Coyt_17 – Lukas Podolski – (FIFA 14)

Decent pace and had a hammer of a left-foot. Could score from anywhere.

These are just a few people’s answers. For the full thread, click here:

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