WrestleMania: Edge's first WWE singles match since 2011 vs Randy Orton was just brutal

Edge was victorious on his WWE return

Edge marked his first WWE singles match in nine years with a huge win against Randy Orton. 

This was one of the most anticipated matches on the WrestleMania 36 card and it certainly didn't disappoint. 

It began with Orton, disguised as a cameraman, attacking Edge from behind with an RKO, before the pair brawled all over the Performance Centre. 

The Viper hit a second RKO shortly after the bell rang, before striking the Rated-R superstar with a camera, sending him over the barricade. 

The pair then battled in the gym, far away from the ring, where Edge got the upper hand.

They then moved backstage and continued in the office centre of the facility, where The Viper struggled to beat the referee's 10 count after being knocked down. 

What seemed like a violent tour of the Performance Center continued with the pair in the parking lot, bouncing each other off ladders and other equipment. 

Both men were hell-bent on destroying each other and looked all but over when Orton DDT'd Edge while standing on top of a pickup truck. 

But the Rated-R Superstar battled on, eventually climbing to the top of a production truck and spearing his opponent! 

That wasn't enough though, as Orton got to his feet and RKO'd Edge while still on the truck.

Incredibly, the returning legend then got back to his feet and finished things off by attacking Orton with a chair shot to the head - which is exactly how The Viper started this feud in the first place. 

Still with us? It was absolutely brutal. 

Their last man standing match was Edge's first singles bout in NINE years - and it won't be forgotten quickly.  

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