WrestleMania: Drew McIntyre becomes WWE's first-ever British world champion

McIntyre is WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre has made history in the main event of WrestleMania 36. 

He's beaten Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship - becoming the first-ever British world champion in history. 

The Scottish Psychopath has now done what other top UK-born superstars - including the British Bulldog, William Regal and Bad News Barrett - all failed to do. 

And with the WWE Championship now in tow, McIntyre ascends to become Monday Night RAW's biggest draw. 

He won the title in quite fine fashion, too. 

The challenger opened proceedings with a massive Claymore kick, before Lesnar responded with a number of suplex's and an F-5. 

Incredibly, McIntyre kicked out at one! 

The Beast delivered a second F-5, but his opponent got his shoulders up at two - something that very rarely happens. 

A third F-5 followed and - you guessed it - McIntyre kicked out again! At this point, Paul Heyman went crazy at ringside. 

Lesnar went for a fourth finisher which the Scotsman countered with three Claymore's of his own to get the three count. 

Just like that, McIntyre picked a historic win. 

McIntyre has made history

We'll surely find out what the future holds for the Scotsman on Monday night when he makes his appearance on the RAW after WrestleMania. 

This is no doubt a huge moment for British wrestling and although McIntyre won the WWE title in very unique circumstances, no one will ever be able to take this away from him. 

Congratulations, Drew! 

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