WrestleMania: Bray Wyatt sang Nikki Bella's theme tune to John Cena during Firefly Funhouse


WrestleMania 36 is officially in the books, and although it wasn't quite like anything seen before it, it actually went down reasonably well with the WWE Universe.

Of course it was weird at times with no live audience and no fan participation, but the matches themselves and the storytelling throughout was pretty much spot on.

Okay the odd match didn't really live up to expectations and simply didn't belong on a WrestleMania card, but the top-tier matches, the ones you expected to steal the show, really didn't disappoint.

WWE used this weird and rare opportunity to get truly bizarre and truly creative, and they showed that on both nights with The Undertaker and AJ Styles fighting in a Boneyard Match on Saturday night, and then Bray Wyatt and John Cena doing battle on Sunday night in a Firefly Funhouse match.

It is simply impossible to put into words what on earth we witnessed between Wyatt and Cena, but weirdly, we digged it, and so did most of the WWE Universe. It was that impressive, even WWE talent and former talent were raving about it on their own personal Twitter accounts.

In what appeared to be some form of time travel between the two superstars, one moment in particular stood out more so than the rest, and that was when Wyatt dived into Cena's personal life.

A few years ago, Cena was in a very well documented relationship with WWE 'diva' Nikki Bella, and he even proposed to her live during a WrestleMania.

However, their relationship broke off soon after that romantic moment, and they each went their own way, with the Bella twin now pregnant with her new partner.

Wyatt used this history on Cena during the Firefly Funhouse match and during one interaction, started to sing Nikki's theme tune.

'You can look but you can't touch,' he started singing as Cena aimed a punch at him, which he avoided.

Yes the whole weekend was a bizarre experience, but overall it was fun and memorable.

WWE deserve credit for how they dealt with the situation, and creative matches like the Firefly Funhouse could play a huge part in the industry over the next few years.

Maybe Wyatt can start singing theme tunes to other superstars along the way.

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