Nico Rosberg chooses his top five greatest Formula One drivers of all time

  • Alex Batt

Nico Rosberg has revealed who he would consider to be the greatest drivers in Formula One history, and he has included Lewis Hamilton.

The German was speaking on the latest episode of the Sky F1 Vodcast and he was asked to discuss who would go down as the greatest drivers in the sport's history.

Rosberg, who is a one-time world champion himself after winning his only title back in 2016, found it relatively easy to choose a top five of all time, and he even included his long-term rival Hamilton.

The relationship between the German and the Brit during the 2016 season was very well documented, with issues piling up at Mercedes due to both wanting to win the Drivers' Championship.

Despite them both driving for the same team, that didn't stop them going at each other throughout the year, and it more often than not led to controversial moments and heated press conferences.

However, before the stresses of competitive racing and Formula One, Rosberg and Hamilton were close friends, and had been ever since their go-karting days, so it shouldn't be a total surprise that the former did include the latter in his top five.

After all, Hamilton has won six Drivers' Championships, so it would have come off rather petty had Rosberg not chosen him.

Interestingly, though, there was no room for either of Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso, a four-time world champion and a two-time world champion respectively.

Discussing his top five, Rosberg said: "I go for [Michael] Schumacher. I was with him. He's just a complete all-rounder. For me, the best of all time.

Mercedes-AMG driver Nico Rosberg of Germ

"Then I'll go for [Juan-Manuel] Fangio.

"Then I'll go for [Ayrton] Senna.

"Then I'll go for [Lewis] Hamilton.

"Then I'll go for [Alain] Prost."

Maybe the likes of Vettel and Alonso sit sixth and seventh respectively, but it is hard to argue with Schumacher, Fangio, Senna, Hamilton and Prost.

True icons of the sport and drivers who rightfully deserve their place in the upper echelons of the sport.

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