WrestleMania: Behind the scenes photos of The Undertaker vs AJ Styles

On Saturday night, and the first night of WrestleMania, The Undertaker and AJ Styles stole the show thanks to their unique Boneyard Match.

It was the main event of the first night and it certainly didn’t disappoint, with fans desperately wanting to see more from the cinematic encounter.

‘Taker, in the end, came out victorious, after Chokeslamming Styles onto some wooden pallets from on top of a roof. He then proceeded to drag his body to the grave, where he ‘buried him alive’.

It truly was a remarkable ending to night one of WrestleMania, and it was a brilliant performance from both The Deadman and The Phenomenal One. It certainly helped people forget about Taker’s last performance in the ring which came against Goldberg.

But it also let people forget about the ongoing coronavirus that is spreading viciously worldwide, and that was the reason for there being no live audience for either night of ‘Mania.

However, the superstars did their utmost to make sure the show went ahead and went down well with the WWE Universe, and it seems as though more were left impressed than unimpressed.

Going back to the Boneyard Match that took place on Saturday evening, a tweet has been posted showing behind the scenes image of filming the encounter, and the person who tweeted them claims that it took them eight hours to shoot.

Under the alias of ‘@RJStylesB2R’, a Twitter user posted four pictures with the caption: “It took almost 8 hours to film this match.

“Behind the scenes of The Undertaker Vs AJ Styles.”

It is certainly fascinating to see how many crew members were there for the shooting, and also how it seems ‘Taker and Styles stopped and discussed things between each other during the shoot.

Of course, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were also there, so it’s no surprise that those two were caught in conversation with Styles as well.

A fascinating insight into one of WWE’s most memorable matches.

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