UEFA president says Liverpool will be crowned English champions 'one way or another'

Liverpool were so close to winning the Premier League title, but then the coronavirus epidemic struck.

The Reds were just two wins away from ending their long wait for the trophy.

But then the league was postponed and it is unknown when it will return and if it will commence at all.

However, despite all the uncertainty, it appears that there is absolutely nothing to worry about for Liverpool supporters.

That’s because UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has confirmed that Liverpool will be given the title one way or another, even if the season does not resume.

“I can’t see a way Liverpool could be left without a title,” Ceferin told Slovenian publication EkipaSN, per the Mirror.

“If the Premier League resumes play, Liverpool will almost certainly win the title.

“Theoretically it’s not all over, but practically Liverpool are on the verge of it.

“If by any chance the play will not resume, we still have to find a way to declare final results, to declare champions.

“And again I cannot see, I cannot imagine a scenario, in which the champions would not be Liverpool.

“I understand the fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even in the league offices, but I believe they will get the title one way or another.”

If Ceferin’s comments are anything go by, UEFA will make sure teams are crowned champions even if the season does not finish.

So it seems almost inevitable that they will make sure that Liverpool will be given their first Premier League title, whether they have the opportunity to officially win it or not.

Don’t fret, Liverpool fans. It appears your first Premier League title will not be taken away from you.

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