Gamer designs concept for FIFA 21 career mode and it looks absolutely brilliant

One die-hard FIFA fan has created a brilliant career mode concept for the next instalment of the game. 

Last year, FIFA 20’s manager mode launched to a terrible reception, given how buggy it was. 

Players were upset when they logged on to find a range of problems, from basic spelling mistakes to inconsistent AI and very suspect-looking league tables.  

Things got so bad that #SaveCareerMode was trending on social media, while EA quickly had to release a patch to fix things. 

So, can we expect better next year? Anything really will be an improvement. 

Especially if the developers listen to graphic designer and FIFA fanatic @infinitybykeo, who has released a brilliant YouTube video. 

He’s created some incredible concept images for career mode, which would completely revolutionise the game.  

It’s fair to say other fans are loving his ideas, which include kit customisation, improved in-game social media updates and deeper financial control. 

Check out some screenshots:  

It looks absolutely brilliant. 

You can view his full concept video below:

Imagine being able to design a fresh kit every year and changing your club’s sponsors! That would really help add another layer of realism to the game.

However, due to licensing issues, it could be quite a challenging feature for EA to actually implement. 

Some of InfinitybyKeo’s other changes would actually be pretty easy to sort, though. How hard could it be to improve the social pages, or just give players more control of budgets and finances? 

Every year, there’s so much hype for career mode from the FIFA community. But every year, it seems something lets us down. 

Hopefully, the next instalment of the game – as we move toward next-generation consoles – will reward fans with the manager mode they’ve been asking for. 

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