Viral video showing that Lionel Messi would succeed in the Premier League

There is still a school of thought in the world of football that Lionel Messi could not cut it in the Premier League.

The Barcelona superstar has spent his entire professional playing career at the Spanish giants and some believe it’s a weakness to his legacy that he hasn’t tried a new club.

His eternal enemy Cristiano Ronaldo has enjoyed success in the Premier League with Manchester United, as well as thriving at Juventus in Italy.

Some believe that the Portuguese’s travels across Europe to play the beautiful game elevate him above the the diminutive Argentine.

But surely the notion that Messi would struggle in the Premier League is nonsense, right? After all, this is a player who’s made every team he’s ever faced look stupid at some point or other.

Especially those who hail from England, with Messi having scored 26 goals against teams from the UK in the Champions League.

We reckon he’d do alright in the Premier League and if you need any more proof, the viral video below will do the trick. So sit back, relax and enjoy a master at work.


The video begins with Messi battling against and conquering dreadful conditions, defeating the argument that he couldn’t hack the same in England (think a cold, wet and windy night in Stoke).

He makes playing in the hammering rain look easy, scoring goals and dribbling past opposing players for fun.

Then we move on to the magical man’s litany of world-class performances against English teams in the Champions League.

From great goals to the likes of Mauricio Pochettino and Arsene Wenger waxing lyrical about him in their post-match interviews, it’s been a very one-sided battle.

The Barcelona legend perhaps wouldn’t have the same level of success he’s had in Spain over in England, but there’s pretty much no doubting that he’d still be a cut above the rest.

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