Ronaldinho will stay in a luxury presidential suite while under house arrest

  • Kat Lucas

Ronaldinho's life has had its ups and downs since his retirement, but he truly hit rock bottom last month. 

The World Cup winner was arrested in Paraguay having tried to enter the country with a fake passport. 

Both he and his brother were found in possession of forged documentation and were subsequently imprisoned in the Agrupacion Especializada. 

The pair are now out of jail having paid bail of $1.6 million and $800,000 respectively. 

Ronaldinho's millions of fans around the world will hope his release marks a new chapter, but his travails aren't strictly over yet as he remains under house arrest. 

He will spend that period in the presidential suite of the Palmaroga Hotel in Asuncion, per The Sun. 


Since hanging up his boots, the former superstar has had huge financial problems, which suggests he's probably no longer used to a life of luxury. 

One thing's for sure - he won't have been living the lifestyle he'd grown accustomed to, as one of the greatest footballers of all time, during his 32-day spell in prison. 

However, the Palmaroga's website shows where he'll be staying while he's under house arrest and the presidential suite looks very comfortable to say the least. 

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Ronaldinho will be lounging in a four-poster bed with a 55-inch smart TV. 

In addition to the usual amenities, the hotel also boasts five-star room service, stunning views of the Bay of Asuncion, and a rooftop pool. 

On top of that, his suite will give him access to his own balcony, a large kitchenette and a whirlpool bath. 

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Not bad when you've just spent over a month under lock and key...

That said, Ronaldinho's stint in the cells didn't come without its perks. There were numerous reports of him getting special treatment. 

The 2005 Ballon d'Or winner was very popular among the other inmates and reportedly took up carpentry, played a futsal tournament and had a barbecue for his 40th birthday. 

Regardless, he'll no doubt be much happier as a free man, and especially for the duration of his spell in the Palmaroga presidential suite. 

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