Sky Sports to show full highlights of Ben Stokes' two incredible innings from the 2019 summer

For many people up and down the country, boredom has filled our lives as the official lockdown approaches its third week.

In addition, with no sport to fill the television slots, fans of sport have found themselves endlessly twiddling their thumbs. Nevertheless, Sky Sports have come to the rescue. 

This weekend can be described as two-days of worship to Ben Stokes, as Sky Sports have announced that they will be replaying the Ashes third test and England’s historic World Cup victory over New Zealand. 

To many cricket fans who religiously follow the sport, Stokes can be described as the second coming. To those who don’t follow cricket so intensely, unless you’ve quite literally lived under a rock for the past year – you’ll certainly be well aware of Stokes and his recent achievements. 

Sky Sports have decided to celebrate his achievements with a cricket marathon this weekend. The TV network are providing us with our sporting fix which starts at midday on Saturday, as we relive the amazing comeback that was largely orchestrated by Stokes himself. 

During the third Ashes Test at Headingley, Stokes went onto record one of the most memorable and arguably best innings of 2019. The all-rounder scored 135 runs and managed to snatch an important victory away from the Aussies with a one-wicket victory. 

If this isn’t enough to make you appreciate the recently announced Wisden cricketer of the year, then what has to follow on Sky Sports Main Event on Sunday might just.

To kick off your Easter Sunday, fans are able to watch the entirety of the World Cup final from 8 a.m. and from the comfort of their sofa. 

On this glorious day, Stokes led the charge for England and managed to push the New Zealanders to a historic super over.

Stokes and Jos Buttler were the batting pair that afternoon and etched themselves in the history books as key players during England’s World Cup victory. 

Who knows when competitive cricket will actually return but the nostalgic memories of an incredible summer of cricket will have to entertain us for now. 

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