Remembering when Mike Tyson made opponent Andrew Golota quit in-between rounds

During ‘Iron Mike’s’ remarkable career the American was involved in some incredible matches.

One of the more bizarre moments, however, came in a fight billed as the ‘Showdown in Motown’ on October 20, 2000, against Polish boxer Andrew Golota.

Going into the contest Tyson was on a three-match winning streak, following his return from a 15-month ban relating to that infamous incident involving Evander Holyfield where he bit the former heavyweight champion’s ear in the third round of their heavyweight rematch.

At the Palace arena in Michigan however, Tyson was once again at his explosive best having knocked down Golota with a powerful right hand at the end of the opening round.

Following the first round’s conclusion Golota was imploring with his trainer saying:

“Stop the fight!” on two occasions.

Golota’s trainer, Al Certo, however, sent the Polish fighter out for a second round, which subsequently followed a similar vein to that of the first.

After another onslaught from Tyson, the former Olympic bronze medallist decided to quit despite his trainer’s pleas to continue.

Al Certo said:

“Get out there!” Don’t you dare quit, YOU ARE GOING TO WIN THIS FIGHT!”

Al Certo subsequently labelled his fighter a ‘quitter’ and the Michigan crowd pelted garbage and drinks at the boxer as he was rushed to the dressing room.

Golota’s trainer however later retracted the statement after it was revealed that his boxer had suffered a broken bone in his head that could have pierced his brain should the fight have progressed further.

Al Certo said:

“At the time of the stoppage I was unaware of how injured my fighter was.”

The end of the fight it turns out was not the finish of the drama as Tyson tested positive for marijuana that led to the commission changing the technical knockout result to a no contest.

While as for Golota, the Polish fighter would not box again for three years but he did return in 2003 and his career would go on for a further ten years before he retired in 2013 with an overall record of 41 victories, one draw and nine defeats.

So what should have turned out to be another straightforward victory ‘Iron Mike’ ended up being another chapter in a highly eventful and controversial career.

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