Ricky Hatton 'will personally t***' anyone who orders a coffee from the pub after quarantine

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A word of warning, do not get in Ricky Hatton’s way when the pubs reopen after lockdown.

The British boxing legend who has become quite the online jokester has jokingly threatened to “personally t**t” anyone wasting bar staff’s time when pubs reopen when they are given the green light to do so.

Hatton’s full post reads: “When the pubs reopen and I find some f***** in front of me wasting the barmaids time ordering a coffee I will personally t**t you.”

So by the sound of it, as long as you’re ordering a coffee with a male member of staff, you’re in the clear with Hatton.

To be fair I’d probably just let him go first, with him being a former professional boxer, I’m sure it’s a confrontation 'cafficianados' would prefer to steer clear of.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all pubs in the UK are shut down for the foreseeable future, with the public having to keep two metres apart from each other whilst out for necessities.

Hatton, however, like a lot of people is looking forward to the day the local reopens and can tuck into a pint.


Hatton added to this message saying:

“Just in case you’re in Manchester City centre in a few weeks time when this is all over with, and you happen to come across me in one of the bars or pubs.

“I don’t want there to be any confusion. You have been warned.”

Hatton also came back into the spotlight recently after posting a self-isolation video online, seemingly unaware (or staged) leaving an adult chat TV show on in the background. Whoops?

He also had his followers in hysterics as he tucked into his ‘Beana Colada’ his version of the famous Pina Colada, which was just beans and sausages in a glass.

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