Dimitar Berbatov's ridiculous first touch captured in video


If you take a look back through Premier League history, you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler customer than Dimitar Berbatov.

The Bulgarian striker caught plenty of attention for his goalscoring capabilities back in the day, but there’s an aspect of his game which tends to receive less attention.

Specifically, the man could bring a ball down to his feet with the kind of ridiculous ease shown these days by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and very, very few others.

If you’re thinking at this point that we’re over-exaggerating, that he can’t have been that good technically, take a look for yourself at a compilation video which is circulating Twitter right now.

Set to the tune of ‘Close to You’ (interesting choice, we know), the video from @utdpodcast reveals the best first touches that Berba ever made during his illustrious career.

The highlights focus mainly on those he made as a Manchester United player, with a couple from his Ajax days thrown in for good measure. And they’re all ridiculously good.

Take a look for yourself below:

If you were in any doubt about Berbatov’s technical ability previously, surely that one minute and seven seconds has made you think again.

First touches of all kinds are featured. From outrageous backheels out of mid-air, to neat flicks past opponents - including one while he’s lying on the ground! He really could do it all.

United fans will be pleased to see his famous assist to Cristiano Ronaldo against West Ham among the highlights, which is now regarded as one of the greatest ever in the Premier League.

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League

Another clip even shows him stopping a goal kick dead at his feet after the whistle has been blown, which is a perfect testament to how effortless he found the technical side of the game.

Cool as you like. If every Premier League player throughout recent history was ranked on a list by their first touch, Berba would definitely deserve a place almost right at the top of it.

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