David Blaine leaves Mike Tyson stunned with card trick over FaceTime

Card tricks over FaceTime seem like a good way to pass the time… until you’re accused of being a witch that is.

That’s exactly what has happened with one of the world’s most famous magicians as David Blaine has completely stunned boxing legend Mike Tyson with a recent card trick.

Blaine was the most recent guest on the former boxing champ’s new digital series “Safe Distance with Mike Tyson,” produced by Tyson Ranch.

This program features one-on-one interviews with celebrities as they offer their take on life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair began the episode talking about the current global issue, and Tyson asked his guest how long the illusionist believes this pandemic will last.

Blaine responded: “It’s hard to predict something like that.

“I’ve been following other cases like Wuhan and Italy, seems like it’s going to be a very long and intense battle until we figure out better solutions.”

David Blaine has been known to do things out of the ordinary, from being electrocuted to being frozen. Now, showing off his extraordinary magic skills to a boxing legend, how would the magic work when they aren’t in the same room?

He had Tyson grab a deck of cards and shuffle through while picking out a specific card from the deck. Afterwards, the champ told Blaine he had chosen a card, and then the illusionist wasted no time in producing Tyson’s card with a flick of the wrist.

“Imagine this is your card, see it right here.”

Within seconds, and a flick of the wrist, Blaine produced Tyson’s card which was the six of diamonds. Shocked and speechless, the champ wanted to understand how the trickery was pulled off, which was pretty impressive seeing as he and Tyson weren’t even in the same room. But like all good magicians, they know better than to reveal their secrets.

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