Carl Froch calls out Joe Calzaghe to settle decade-long feud


Carl Froch has taken aim at fellow retired boxing legend Joe Calzaghe, calling the Welshman out for a fight in the squared circle in the near future.

The duo have been at odds end with each other for a while, but never actually met in the ring during their combined 28-year long career.

Froch still seems dismayed that the pair never locked gloves during this time, despite the fact that they came ever-so-close in 2008.

Calzaghe was WBC super-middleweight champion at the time with Froch becoming the mandatory challenger for the title, however, the Welshman decided to move up to the light-heavyweight division, and a bout with ‘The Cobra’ was off-the-cards.

During a mundane lockdown period, promoter of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn had contacted Froch with the idea of doing a virtual press conference for bouts that never occurred, and as expected, ‘The Pride of Wales’ was brought up.

Nonetheless, despite Froch having retired in 2015, the now 42-year-old has urged Hearn to sort out a proper fight for real against Calzaghe.

“Eddie Hearn sends me a message saying ‘I’m doing some virtual press conferences, I’m thinking about getting you and Calzaghe on” said Froch, speaking on his Froch On Fighting podcast.

“I thought, ‘He’s probably not gonna get Calzaghe on, he probably won’t fancy it.’

“I said to him, ‘Forget the virtual one, we’ll do the press conference, but if we can get him out of retirement, I fancy a bit of that.’

“I’ve always said I’ll come out of retirement for the right dance partner. Obviously I’m not gonna jump in there with a current world champion who’s been active, but someone like Joe Calzaghe, I mean, I’m not being funny.

“I don’t wanna be horrible or disrespectful in any way, but it’s gonna sound like I am, even though I’m not, but have you seen the state of him?

“Have you seen the size of his head? I don’t know why it’s swollen up so badly. He looks like he’s got high blood pressure. He looks a bit of a mess.

“So if he agreed to give me a fight, to come out of retirement, because of my cheek, and because of the way I’m speaking about him, then I’d definitely fancy a bit of that.

“But he ain’t gonna wanna come out because he knows he’d get absolutely flattened, because I’m in good shape.”

Froch had a successful career in the ring, winning 33 of his 35 fights after turning pro in 2002, where he became WBC super-middleweight champion in 2008 following victory over Jean Pascal by points.

If this fight ever was to take place, ‘The Cobra’ would have to challenge a fighter in Calzaghe who had an ever-dominant career in the sport.

The Welshman has an unblemished record in the ring, with 46 wins in total with 32 being by way of knockout.

He also won all belts at super-middle, but there is dispute as to whether he was the ‘undisputed champion’ when he relinquished the IBF version before toppling Mikkel Kessler for the WBC, WBO and WBA titles in 2007.

Froch has insisted that he’ll be the first one to knock Calzaghe to the curb if he can coax the Welshman for a fight in the future.


“I always give Calzaghe credit. He was a great fighter, really tough, unbeaten in 46 fights.

“He’s never, ever given me any props at all. And for that I’d love to punch him in the face really hard.

“But it’s a fantasy fight, there’s gonna be a fantasy press conference with Eddie Hearn hopefully and if it goes the right way maybe I’ll coax him out of retirement.

“And if I do, he’ll be getting ironed out.

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