Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Joseph recreates legendary bodybuilding pose


Like father like son – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s resemblance with his 22-year-old Joseph has left fans in hysterics following a recreation of his famous bodybuilding pose.

Despite not knowing of Joseph’s existence for several years after his birth, you can definitely tell that both are related with them being spitting images of one another.

Sharing the image on Instagram on April 8, Joseph – who was Arnold’s love chid with Mildred Patricia Baena – captioned the image with: ‘Perfect time to practice some posing!’.

Fans came out in their numbers to highlight the sheer resemblance that Joseph had to his bodybuilding and actor father, with one even going to the extent to comment ‘Arnold 2.0’.

Another fan also came out to state: ‘I see that Schwarzenegger genetics in you’.

Joseph has posted numerous images to his Instagram for his over 143,000 followers, with snaps of him looking buff and just enjoying life, whilst there are also pictures of him with his father, who he has deemed ‘the best training partner in the world’.

Son to mother Mildred, she was a housekeeper for the Schwarzenegger family for around 20 years, with both her and Arnold married at the time of the affair.

Double jeopardy for Arnold, as when she was pregnant with Joseph, it was at the exact time that ex-wife Maria Shiver fell pregnant with her youngest child Christopher.

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With Joseph not taking the Schwarzenegger name, it is unknown as to whether he will follow in his father’s footsteps in entering body building competitions, but judging by his social media, he for sure has the similar physique that brought so much success for his father in the field.

Arnold claimed his first win in a bodybuilding competition in 1965 in Junior Mr. Europe, but one of his most notable achievements was his reign as Mr. Olympia from 1970 to 1975, before taking a break and returning to win it one final time back in 1980.

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