GMS' Hall of Game: Celebrating Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; the greatest GTA game ever


In the next instalment of GiveMeSport’s Hall of Games, we plan to transport you back to October 28, 2002.

This date marks the release of Rockstar Games open action adventure masterpiece 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. Surprisingly, Vice City was not actually the first of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but in fact the fourth instalment in the series.

The first two games featured 2D graphics, but ultimately a lack of a focused narrative subsequently led to only a limited following.

Vice City, however, is fondly remembered as the game that really launched the franchise into the stratosphere.

Set in the year of 1986, GTA incorporates their fictional take on Miami, Florida.

The gamer would play as mobster Tommy Vercetti, who has just been released from prison having served 15 years for the mob without giving away any of the Forelli family secrets for a lesser sentence.

Suitably grateful for not exposing them, the Forelli family subsequently sent Vercetti to Vice City to establish new operations, however, his first drug deal goes awry leaving him without any cocaine or money.

Before the mob come down from Liberty City to take their anger out on Vercetti, you must figure out who ripped you off and take care of business.

As Tommy Vercetti, you got the chance to drive motorbikes around, fly helicopters, get involved in gang turf wars, take down banks, befriend a Scottish Rock group known as Love Fist, smash up the local mall and much more besides.

The underlying aim, however, is to establish yourself as the ultimate linchpin of Vice City.

The overall style of the game was very much an 80s crime series like the classic TV Show Miami Vice.

Songs from popular show were indeed used in the game itself such as the Crockett theme and some of the backing tracks in cut scenes were very much in the style of Jan Hammer, who provided the Miami Vice Theme music.

While the range of weapons increased giving the player the chance to use typical gangster weapons such as machetes.

Coupled with awesome side quests and missions, the depth of the game proved to be unparalleled.

Vice City went on to become the best selling game of 2002 and provided the ultimate launch pad for going on to become one of the best selling gaming franchises of all time.

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