WrestleMania: Why WWE kept controversial spot in Edge vs Randy Orton match


Last Man Standing matches in professional wrestling are extremely brutal.

They consist of beating and neutralising your opponent until they can no longer stand for the referee's 10-second count.

They involve the use of not only fists, but objects, as there are no rules.

This was the case at WrestleMania, as Edge and Randy Orton, formerly a tag team known as 'Rated RKO', took centre stage at the Showcase of the Immortals to solve their issues in this bludgeon-fest of a match.

However, through the sheer brutality of the next 36-and-a-half minutes, there was one spot that had people talking. One spot that went too far... or did it?

The event itself had to happen at the WWE Performance Center, as have all recent events due to health concerns amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the type of match that was being wrestled had no count outs, meaning both competitors could go wherever they pleased.

Eventually, they ended up in the gym of the Performance Center, and that's where the controversial spot took place.

During the time in this house of gains, one of the cables was used by Orton to choke Edge and tie him up.

Some people were really taken back by this move, as a certain wrestler whose name shall not be spoken by WWE (Chris Benoit) choked himself to death after killing his whole family with a weight cable.


But the question is, was this really wrong?

Two key sources, this time being Dave Meltzer and Fightful Select, have both said the same thing, which is that no one backstage saw anything wrong with the spot.

WrestleMania this year was shot in advance, so the WWE office had plenty of time to look at the spot for approval.

No one from WWE who saw this spot drew a line between it and the Benoit tragedy.

Fightful Select did also note, however, that fewer people would have seen the match than usual, as everything at 'Mania was kept a secret so that no spoilers leaked out.

Dave Meltzer, however, said that the match was seen by the higher ups in WWE, and approval was given.

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