Man breaks Guinness World Record for most consecutive bench presses underwater


Imagine bench pressing a 50kg barbell 62 times. Now imagine doing it underwater.

That’s what Greg Wittstock did to set a new Guinness World Record for the most consecutive bench presses underwater.

Greg, from the United States of America, achieved the feat at the bottom of a lake in St. Charles, Illinois, beating the previous record of 42.

He had previously attempted the record in September 2019 but his effort was discounted because he didn’t fully extend his arms.

But there were no problems this time around. After donning his goggles and making his way to the bottom of the lake, Greg smashed out 62 reps.

"Hey, that was so fun. I got 62 and I got full extension all the way, so no problem,” he said after emerging from the water.

"No debate. I got it!"

Greg left a comment on the Guinness World Records’ video of his attempt, saying he’s going to try to beat his record again this August.

He wrote: “This was so fun and goofy!!!

“Of course I’d never even tried this when I stumbled across a video of a French former swimmer doing 31. I threw a weight bench in my pond at work and belted our 46 reps on my 1st attempt!


“As you can imagine it’s super weird trying to lift balancing weights underwater AND of course holding your breath! But I’m a life long free diver who loves lifting weights too!

“As I mentioned it’s difficult to fully lock out unless you throw the weights which makes your back lift off the bench.

“Anyway, whether or not anybody beats this record (what say you Eddie Hall?!) I had so much fun I’m going to attempt to do it again at Pondemonium this August!

“Thanks Guinness for recognizing unusual achievements! We need as many distractions as possible these days!

“Stay safe everyone!”

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