Eddie Hearn is planning to make his own boxing game to rival EA's 'Fight Night'

“Right I’m gonna release a new boxing game, f*** it lets do it.”

This is what Eddie Hearn had to say whilst in the midst of an Instagram Live Q&A yesterday.

We reported not too long ago that Hearn was looking to get a new ‘Fight Night’ game in the works with EA Sports, but it would seem they are not interested in said topic.

“Fight Night 3 I’ve answered those questions about EA Sports, do you know what EA Sports don’t really seem interested in boxing.”

This statement could reign true as EA are due to release the fourth edition in the UFC games series this year, so they may not be interested in releasing another fighting game.

“We’ll start our own rival game to EA Sports Fight Night.”

If Hearn actually goes ahead with this, this could potentially be massive for the boxing promoter.

Fans of the ‘Fight Night’ series have been clamouring for a new edition to the series for years now, with no new games released on the current generation of consoles.

Hearn states that he and Prince Khalid, who played a huge part in Anthony Joshua’s last fight being in Saudi Arabia, will come together in order for this game to be made.

The problem is looking for a game publisher to take on such work, with EA obviously not interested and 2K producing the WWE games, it may be unlikely that they would want to take on such project.

The good news is though, Hearn seems quite confident he will get this done and as he seems to do an impeccable job of delivering on his promises, I’m quietly confident that we will see Hearn produce his own game.

Hearn has been getting into all sorts of new waters recently, with him successfully stepping into the world of ‘YouTube boxing’ with him promoting both the KSI vs Logan Paul and Gib vs Jake Paul. So it wouldn’t be surprising to seem him take on a new venture.

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