Gymnast lands a world first after jumping through a hula hoop whilst in a mid-air split


It goes without saying that gymnasts are among the most incredible athletes on the planet.

We have all - at one time or another - been enthralled by some of the sensational displays of strength, speed, stamina and agility that these magnificent competitors are able to pull off.

One man, however, has recently landed a trick so mind-blowing that it is believed to be a world first.

Andrew Price, a 30-year-old circus performer and gymnast from London, has gone viral after managing to jump through a hula hoop in mid-air whilst doing a split.

Video of the unprecedented feat even shows Price completing the manoeuvre with a remarkable sense of ease. 

Price performs his leap with the help of two partners, one of whom has the task of horizontally throwing the hula hoop at him. Price then jumps up and swiftly performs a mid-air split (technically known as a straddle) to move sideways through the hoop and landing faultlessly on his feet.

The trick was recorded before the coronavirus outbreak, having taken place on January 13 - and was, reportedly, landed on Price's third attempt (as if that takes anything away from how spectacular it is.)

Speaking about his accomplishment, Price revealed that the trick is not known to have been successfully completed anywhere on the planet - and that he now has the task of naming it.

"This trick doesn’t have a name and it’s the first time ever done as far as we know," stated Price. A lot of professional hoop divers that we showed it to have said the same." According to Price, the idea behind the unique manoeuvre was born after he asked colleagues whether it would be possible to perform such an act.

"We tried it out and it turned out pretty cool," recounted Price modestly.

Now, given the unique situation that the world finds currently itself in, we are all being encouraged to try and be as physically active as possible. With that said, however, it might still be wise for people to not try and replicate Price's trick in their own homes.

One suspects that the number of injuries sustained might well exceed the health benefit of the activity.

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