FIFA YouTuber ChrisMD has raised £44,000 to help fight coronavirus

FIFA YouTuber Chris MD has raised over £44,000 to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular YouTube sensation will donate £32,250 of the money to the NHS in order to aid in the battle against the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK.

Chris has also donated £11,750 worth of the money to the Jersey healthcare system, as that’s where the social media star currently lives and they’re not part of the NHS.

The YouTuber – who has 4.85m subscribers – hosted nine charity games on FIFA 20 and pledged to donate £1000 for every goal scored.

KSI and fellow FIFA YouTuber Castro are just two of the opponents in the video below.


The results of the games in order are as follows:

  • KSI 2-2 Chris MD (£4000 raised)
  • Imallexx 2-2 ChrisMD (£4000 raised)
  • Willne 4-2 ChrisMD (£6000 raised)
  • Manny 3-0 ChrisMD (£3000 raised)
  • Zerkaa 3-0 ChrisMD (£3000 raised)
  • Freezy 3-2 Chris MD (£5000 raised)
  • Behzinga 3-3 ChrisMD (£6000 raised)
  • Castro 3-2 Chris MD (£5000 raised)
  • Billy Wingrove 2-2 Chris MD (£4000 raised)

Nine games and no wins, ouch. To view Chris’ YouTube channel in full, simply click HERE.

In total, £40,000 was raised from goals scored by array of different players, with the likes of Cesc Fabregas and KSI making extra donations to take the total up to £44,000.

But that’s just the start. The YouTube sensation has also designed a t-shirt entitled ‘Cop For Carers’, with 100% of the profits going to the NHS charities.

You can view the t-shirt by clicking HERE and it’s available in sizes XS to XXL for £20.

Well played, Chris.

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