Terence Crawford dismisses the coronavirus as a conspiracy and continues to train as normal

Terence Crawford has raised a lot of eyebrows with his recent comments on the coronavirus pandemic.

The welterweight world champion is choosing to ignore the lockdown guidelines set in place by the government and is instead training as normal, believing that the pandemic is some sort of fabrication.

Astonishingly, Crawford is also refusing to keep his family indoors despite a death toll of 20,000 in America as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

“It ain’t no different to any other day. I’m not locked up in the house,” he told Sports Illustrated. “I’m not locking my kids up in the house, I’m telling you.

“I don’t feel like these people that they say are dying and sick from it is actually true.

“I think they’re using fear to try to control us right now, for something else.

“I don’t know what it is but me personally, I just can’t agree with a whole bunch of things that they’re saying now.

“The media runs the world. You put anything on then everybody’s gonna run with it and you’ll have people scared.

“They said it really don’t affect healthy individuals, only the elderly or those with problems like asthma or breathing disorders – but that’s like any cold or flu.

“You’ve got to protect the ones with body issues like overweight or obesity. One of our friends said she had it but she said she’s doing better now so that was the only person.”


The fact that Crawford is simply brushing off the greatest pandemic to hit the planet in decades as a conspiracy is simply bizarre.

Thousand of people have died around the world and Crawford’s approach to lockdown is simply ignorant.

Not only is he putting the lives of his family at risk, but the lives of so many others by potentially spreading the virus further.

Somebody really needs to have a not so quiet word with the boxer.

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