Premier League urged to put cameras in dressing rooms when football returns

The Premier League have been urged to let cameras into dressing rooms once the season returns. 

Southampton midfielder Oriol Romeu has come up with the novel suggestion, hoping it will bring fans closer to the action if the campaign resumes behind closed doors. 

The latest plans from the Premier League hint at a return in June, with all games to be completed within six weeks – but no supporters will be allowed to attend. 

Romeu thinks allowing cameras into the dressing room to provide fly-on-the-wall coverage will hold some appeal to those watching at home. 

“The welfare of the people has to be a priority but I would like the Premier [League] to resume,” he said, per the Mirror

“They took it away from us suddenly and it’s fair to finish it. But I understand that 40,000 people will not be able to enter the stadiums overnight.

“Without fans there is no atmosphere, and without atmosphere, there is less emotion.

“Perhaps to compensate them, cameras can be introduced inside the locker room to make them feel closer to everything.” 

That’s certainly an interesting idea and it’s one football fans would surely be on board with. 

Imagine watching Jose Mourinho lay into his Tottenham players when they’re 1-0 down at half-time against Everton. 

Or what about David Moyes losing his head if West Ham slip into the relegation zone?

And surely, we’d all want to see how Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool players react when they finally secure the title. 

Please, listen to Romeu and make it happen, Premier League

While the suggestion is that top-flight football could return behind closed doors, fans don’t need to be too upset. 

It’s reported that every game will be shown live, most likely for free, to ensure we’re not missing out on the action. 

Let’s just hope it’s something that can return soon! 

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