Gary Neville says Premier League clubs cutting staff wages should face transfer ban

Tottenham and Liverpool caused a huge stir when they announced their intention fo place some staff on the government’s furlough scheme.

The scheme means the government, rather than the club, will pay 80% of the staff’s wages.

Liverpool have since reversed their decision, but clubs like Spurs and Newcastle are utilising the scheme.

Other clubs, such as Arsenal, are believed to want to cut the wages of their players to deal with the financial crisis.

Gary Neville appeared on Sky Sports ‘The Football Show’ on Monday morning, which was hosted by Dave Jones.

And he had a strong opinion on Premier League clubs that were looking to ease the financial burden by furloughing staff or cutting player wages.

He thinks these clubs should be banned from signing players if they cut their wages at this time.

“What I would say in the bigger picture, these transfer discussions, Kane for £200m, Sancho for £100m, big-money signings completely undermines the discussions they are having with players,” he said, per the Daily Mail.

“If you are having a 30 per cent pay cut across the board and you are talking about spending a billion on players, you may have to put a transfer embargo in place.

“It is very difficult for players to see a transfer for £200m a few weeks later.

“It doesn’t feel right to me. There is no smoke without fire, I would suggest the Premier League stop this and put a transfer embargo in place on all clubs that are trying to reduce their wages.

“Players are having their wools pulled over their eyes by clubs.”

Neville is spot on. Clubs shouldn’t be allowed to spend millions of pounds on players just months after cutting their wages.

The reason they should be cutting the wages of staff and players is because they simply can’t afford to pay them – not because they want to spend the money elsewhere.

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