When Amir Khan's wife pranked him about mistakingly transferring £2 million out of their bank

Former world champion boxer Amir Khan angrily reacted after his wife Faryal Makhdoom informed him that she transferred £2 million out of their account by mistake.

Khan asked his wife to liaise with their friend Sam and change several million dollars into pounds before Brexit. 

However, she wittily took the opportunity to make a prank video for her YouTube channel, resulting in the hilarious clip of a red faced Khan being shared on social media.

Makhdoom sneakily set up two hidden cameras with pal Omar, who is also featured in the video. 

She explained to Khan that she’d accidentally transferred £2 million to Sam rather than the £20 she owed him, and he was no longer returning her calls.

Khan raged at her: “What the f*** do you do all day?

“From £20 you were supposed to put in, to £2 million?

“How do we get him to send it back?

Khan furiously calls Sam, who explains that, according to his bank, it is going to take at least 30 days for the money to come back to his account.

After a second panicked call, Sam explains to Khan that he can only transfer the money back in £10k instalments per day, leaving him absolutely fuming at his wife’s expensive mishap.

Makhdoom finally fesses up to the prank at the end of the video, with a relieved Khan finally able to laugh it off.

Khan recently hit the headlines for his kind-hearted gesture to offer his mall that he owns in his hometown of Bolton to the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

He told talkSPORT: “So basically I have a 60,000 square foot building which I’m going to make into a mall and a banqueting hall for weddings and conferences. It’s in the town centre of Bolton.

“I decided before they start working on the inside, I don’t mind giving that to the NHS to say ‘look, come and use the building.’

Much to his relief, Khan is not out of pocket as a result of his wife’s amusing prank at his expense.

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