WWE news: Florida declares WWE 'essential business' allowing them to resume live shows

WWE are now an essential business

WWE has been deemed an 'essential business' in Florida according to Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, meaning they will be allowed to continue running shows in the state. 

Since March, all episodes of SmackDown, RAW, NXT and even WrestleMania aired from the Performance Center in Orlando due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

There was a suggestion that Florida's recent lockdown could ruin WWE's plans moving forward, but that isn't the case.

Mayor Demings confirmed the company are now an 'essential business' after Vince McMahon met with Gov. Ron DeSantis' office last week.

WWE were not originally designated as 'essential' and therefore not exempt from the state's stay at home order, but that changed after 'some conversation'.

Per ESPN, businesses that are supposed to remain open during Florida's lockdown include those in the health care, financial, energy, food, communications and transportation sectors.

But last Thursday, a memo sent from the governers office made additions to that list, which now includes: 

"Employees at a professional sports and media production with a national audience - including any athletes, entertainers, production team, executive team, media team and any others necessary to facilitate including services supporting such production - only if the location is closed to the general public." 

WWE can continue running empty arena shows

If you were asked to describe WWE's production - the above paragraph has it down to a tee. It looks like McMahon has managed to secure the short-term future of his company. 

A spokesperson told ESPN on Monday that these services are 'essential' because 'they are critical to Florida's economy'.

The move allows WWE to continue airing live shows from their Performance Center and the first since WrestleMania came on Monday night.  

WWE can continue in Florida

RAW will be followed by live tapings of NXT and SmackDown on Wednesday and Friday, with WWE ensuring they are one of the only sports entertainment companies able to continue during the coronavirus outbreak.  

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