Matty Longstaff donates some of his £850-a-week wages to the NHS fund

Newcastle midfielder Matty Longstaff is one of the worst-paid Premier League players with the 20-year-old picking up just £850-per-week at St. James’ Park.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from donating a chunk of his wages to the Premier League NHS fund.

Premier League players have often been criticised during this coronavirus pandemic for not doing enough to raise money for the hard-working NHS.

However, last week, they revealed they have set-up a bank account for players to donate some of their wages that will go directly to the NHS. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is said to have come up with and implemented the idea.

Of course, some players earn more than others.

Some players take home in excess of £100,000-per-week – or even £200,000.

However, poor Longstaff doesn’t even pick up £1,000 each week at Newcastle. But that didn’t stop him donating his wages to the worthy cause.

What a guy.

Longstaff is still on the same professional contract he signed in 2018 – despite making nine appearances this season. He earned Man of the Match in his first start alongside brother, Sean, and he also scored at Old Trafford earlier this season.

His current deal expires in the summer and Newcastle face losing him for just £400,000 compensation.

Earlier this season, the local lad said he just wants to concentrate on playing for his boyhood club.

“Obviously, I want to stay at Newcastle. But the biggest thing for me is just to carry on playing well, and that will take care of itself,” he claimed.

All this while Newcastle’s owner, Mike Ashley, is worth $2.6 billion and has disgraced himself with his behaviour in recent weeks.

If Longstaff can donate his wages, so too can every other Premier League player.

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