Tyson Fury splashes out on £557 takeaway with his family in lockdown


Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury celebrated this Easter by knocking out a massive takeaway worth £557.

The Gypsy King and his reality TV star wife, Paris, seem to be enjoying their time in lockdown, and it's easy to see why.

Their incredible feast, rightfully fit for a king, was shared among Tyson, Paris, their five children and Paris' parents, at Fury's home in Lancashire.

The 31-year-old told the delivery driver to keep his two-metre distance as he stacked the mountains of pizza and food bags on the doorstep, before giving him a very generous £100 tip as thanks.

The beast of a takeaway included a seemingly endless stack of pizza, four chicken wing platters, two steak meals, four mixed grill platters and five king prawn dishes.

Tyson also ordered a Middlesbrough special, Parmo, a dish of breaded chicken, béchamel sauce and cheese.

To wash it all down, Fury also ordered 25 cans of coke, which compared to the rest of the order, doesn't seem completely mental.

As per The Sun, an onlooker said: "Tyson loves his grub and has a big family and he can certainly afford it.

"He said, as the food arrived, 'We've got nothing else to spend our money on during lockdown.'

"Tyson was in good spirits but ordered the delivery driver to stand two metres back and leave the food on the step.


"Unsurprisingly. the driver did as he was told and was given a tip of two £50 notes."

Paris also appeared to help Tyson haul the buffet into the house, insisting that no one else had joined the Fury family for the meal, which would've gone against government rules.

From the home, she explained: "The food order was just for us and the children.

"We have got five children and the food arrived in a lot of boxes."

The Fury dynasty continues to expand over the years, with sons Prince John James, Prince Tyson Fury II, Prince Adonis Amaziah, and daughters Venezuela and Valencia Amber. 

Good to see the Fury's enjoying themselves in this difficult time, as well as them single-handedly propping up the economy. 

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