Mohammed bin Salman: How Newcastle's potential new owner compares to Man City's Sheikh Mansour

Newcastle United are on the verge of being sold by Mike Ashley.

An agreement in principle has been reached to sell the club to a consortium backed by Saudi Arabia for £300 million, according to reports.

The deal is now awaiting Premier League approval, with checks currently being carried out.

It’s exciting news for Newcastle supporters who have become frustrated by Ashley’s ownership of the club.

They have been relegated from the Premier League twice and investment in the squad has been minimal.

But now, they’re going to receive backing from a member of Saudi’s royal family.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s wealth is obscene.

“Forget Man City’s wealth, this is on a different scale,” talkSPORT presenter Jim White said in January.

So, how does Bin Salman compare to City owner Sheikh Mansour?

The Sun have compared both, looking at their lavish lifestyles, and it’s clear that Mansour now has some real competition in the proposed new Newcastle owner.


Mansour is 48 while Bin Salman is 34.


Mansour’s personal wealth is said to be around £17 billion.

While Bin Salman’s estimated worth is between £1 billion and £7 billion, he has the full riches of Saudi Arabia available to him.


Mansour is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and also heads the International Petroleum Investment Company, which has stakes in many businesses around the world.

Bin Salman, meanwhile, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the heir to the throne.

He is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister.


The House of Saud has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1744 and has some 15,000 people in it

It’s reportedly worth an eye-watering £1.3 trillion.

Mansour is a member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family the Al Nahyan family, which is rich in oil and has a combined wealth of at least £500 billion.

Holiday home

Mansour purchased the 20,000 acre Los Quintos de San Martin in Spain for £42 million in 2016.

His family also own the Emirates Palace hotel, a ‘seven-star’ hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Bin Salman owns the world’s most expensive home, the Chateau Louis XIV in France.

It is worth £230 million.

Car collection

Mansour has an extensive car collection which includes five Bugattis, Porsche 911 GTI, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Reventon and a Mercedes SLR-McLaren.

Bin Salman, however, has a modest fleet by Mansour’s standards, owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti.


Bin Salman purchased the Serene in 2015 for £380 million.

It houses 24 guests and comes with seven decks, two helipads and a full saltwater swimming pool.

Mansour’s yacht Topaz outdoes the Serene, though.

The Sheikh paid more that £320 million to build the 482ft yacht.

With jacuzzis, two helipads, a swimming platform and eight levels, the yacht, which was rented by Bill Gates for a week, is now worth more than £400 million.


Mansour is heavily invested in football. He owns Man City, New York City FC, Melbourne City and Al-Jazira.

He also loves Formula One and is the chairman of the Emirates Horse Racing Authority.

Bin Salman’s only other link to sport besides Newcastle United is in the Saudi second division, which is named after him.

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