UFC news: Remembering when Joe Rogan beat up a MySpace troll and made him tap-out

  • Tom Kelly

Joe Rogan. You probably know this man through his iconic UFC commentary or his extremely popular YouTube channel ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, which boasts over eight million subscribers. 

However, what you probably don’t know is that Rogan is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and he certainly isn’t a man to be messed with.

A person who learnt his lesson very quickly was an internet troll on MySpace, who challenged Rogan back in 2011. 

Probably unaware about the consequences of his comments, Rogan appeared at the trollers training and duelled with him. To the trollers’ surprise, this was seemingly routine for Rogan and in the video, the UFC commentator made him tap-out time after time. 

Rogan was nothing short of a fighting beast in this amateur video, as he wrestled his opponent to the ground repeatedly while his challenger frantically tapped Joe’s arm. The only criticism being that this video was arguably filmed on a potato, but it was 2011 what do you expect?

Rogan was next set to grace our screens for UFC 249, as Tony Ferguson was expected to meet Justin Gaethje in the Octagon. However, with the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus, this bout has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. 

The event was set to take place at the Tachi Palace, California but through pressures from the state itself, ESPN and Disney had no choice but to cancel the event. On his YouTube channel, Rogan shared that he was ready to commentate but did have some concerns. 

“I was 75 per cent ready to go.

“The only thing that worried me is that if I contracted something and then I came in contact with other people.

“So, what I was going to do is do it if I could definitely get tested and then I would have to know the results before I come back … but f-ing even then, you don’t know.” 

Since the cancellation of UFC 249, Dana White has informed fans that a ‘fight island’ is on the way, so UFC bouts could be set to return very soon. 

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